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All About Ligier Cars

Ligier is one of the most well-known automobile manufacturers. The automobile manufacturers are strategically located in France. Ligier is known for its Formula One racing team, which was quite popular and active through the 1976 and 1996. However, later, former racing driver Guy Ligier designed and founded Ligier Cars. It was the turning point for Ligier when he designed smart cars which gradually became popular. Initially, Guy Ligier had earned popularity as a rugby player before turning to racing.

The first version of Ligier which entered the automobile market was the Ligier JS1. It was a sports model, which was fitted with a powerful V6 engine. Soon after its launch, JS2 became an instant hit amongst the sports car lovers. People began to feel that it was the most priceless possession that they could ever own. Ligier JS2 had a centrally fitted engine, and amazing aerodynamics amongst the lineup of Ligier cars that were developed.

However, due to the energy crisis in the 1970s, there was significant drop in the car and automobile business. This crisis directly affected Ligier Car Company leading the sales graph of JS2 down to negligible. The company stopped the production of JS2 after the year 1973. As a result, Ligier entered the car market with innovatively styled Micro-cars.. But all this could not do much about the business take over by Piaggio, Italy.

Ligier was badly affected by the intensely growing business in the automobile industry, and it eventually withdrew from Formula One tracks in 1996. There's not even an iota of doubt about the efficiency of Ligier cars, especially if one considers Formula One teams in the world championship history.

Numbers 25 & 26 comprised Ligier formula one teams. When Ligier entered the Formula One racing arena, their cars were fitted with V12 engine. The Ligier Formula One team created history in 1977, after winning the Grand Prix with Jacques Laffite in the driving seat.

It was in 1977, when the contract between Ligier and Matra came to an end, Ligier Car Company introduced the Cosworth engine-fitted JS11 model. Once introduced in the market, JS11 model of Ligier cars had to face stiff competition from the aerodynamically designed sports cars from William and Ferrari. 1980s saw Ligier cars as tough Formula One competitors, and there was no dearth of sponsors too.

During the 1980s, Ligier cars came into the market which was fitted with engines designed from Renault. Later on, other car manufacturing companies such as Alfa Romeo, BMW and then Mugen-Honda beame the engine suppliers to Ligiers. Again during the 1990s, Ligier Formula One team had to suffer terrible financial losses, and public support was also not there. During these years, the very show of Ligiers cars faded from the market, leading to further losses.

Later Ligier was purchased by Alain Prost, and named it to Prost Grand Prix, and the team was sold shortly after Monaco victory. In the year 2002, the team went bankrupt. Ligiers witnessed up and downs during its growth and has bounced back with a series of cars in the micro and mini car segments.